Montreal Hate Rally Features Controversial Imam Who Calls For Genocide Against Zionists

In a deeply troubling turn of events, a pro-Palestinian rally held in Montreal on October 28, featured a horrifying display of hate speech and incitement to violence & genocide, where a rally participant openly called for the destruction and mass murder of Zionists (AKA Israeli Jews). The rally, attended by several hundred people, featured chants […]

Vancouver Nakba Day Rally Sees Participants Openly Incite Terrorism Against Israel

In only 75 years of its modern existence, Israel has made remarkable strides. Immediately after proclaiming its independence in 1948, it was invaded by its Arab neighbours who attempted to destroy the newly reborn country. In subsequent years, Israel was able to achieve significant economic growth, significantly expand its population, and continue to defend itself […]

CBC’s Biased Anti-Israel Reporting Of “Gaza Solidarity Protests” In Ottawa

HonestReporting Canada has lodged a complaint with CBC News after our public broadcaster produced biased anti-Israel reporting about a recent “Gaza solidarity protest” that was held in our nation’s capital, wherein the CBC’s reporting sanitized Islamic Jihad terrorism, whitewashed the anti-Israel rally, and spread disinformation about the three days of hostilities between IDF forces and […]

HRC Prompts CBC To Correct False Claim That Palestinians Were “Driven Out Of Their Country”

On May 16, HonestReporting Canada filed a complaint with CBC Manitoba regarding an article entitled: “Palestinians rally in Winnipeg on Sunday, marking anniversary of displacement,” which contained inaccurate and unfair information. The article reported that: “Rana Abdulla speaks at a rally to commemorate Nakba Day in Winnipeg on Sunday. The anniversary marks the day hundreds […]