CBC Spreads Misinformation About Eviction of Palestinian Family In Sheikh Jarrah

On the evening of January 19, CBC Radio reported on the eviction of the Salihiyas, a Palestinian family from Sheikh Jarrah (Shimon Hatzadik in Hebrew) in east Jerusalem, but instead of providing adequate context about this controversial issue, CBC gave a platform to unfounded claims that Israel was trying to expropriate the land to give […]

CBC Music Airs Song Suggesting Israel Lines Up Palestinian Children Against A Wall

On December 24, CBC Radio broadcast a 2019 Christmas special with musicians the Good Lovelies who sang songs from their Christmas album at a concert in Stratford, Ontario. Of all the songs that could be sung, they included this gem by Anaïs Mitchell suggesting that Israel lines Palestinian children up against a wall near Bethlehem […]

CBC Radio Report Ignores Israeli Casualties of Hamas Terror Attack

On November 21, CBC Radio aired several reports throughout the day that briefly covered the Hamas terror attack in Jerusalem where an Israeli was killed and four other Israelis were injured in the shooting attack. CBC had broadcast reports by freelancer Irris Makler about the U.K.’s decision to ban Hamas in its entirety as a […]

CBC’s Forked Tongue on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

On July 5, the CBC Radio program “Unforked” produced a segment on “gastronationalism” where Israel was accused of “appropriating” hummus as its own national dish, with CBC framing the chick pea delicacy as really being of Palestinian origin. The show descended into a depiction of Israelis as “settler colonialists” and occupiers of indigenous Palestinian land, […]

CBC The Current’s Bias Against Israel On Full Display

The last few weeks have seen a dramatic upsurge in violence between Hamas and Israel. And CBC News, like most mainstream Canadian broadcasters and news outlets, covered the news regularly, with frequent updates and reports. Unfortunately, while there were some elements of fairness and balance, those were outweighed by a notable and disproportionate anti-Israel misinformation […]