Success! HRC Prompts CBC Radio On-Air Correction, Gaza Isn’t “Occupied” By Israel

On the evening of April 5, CBC Radio devoted considerable coverage to recent conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, and in the introduction of a report by journalist Margaret Evans, the CBC anchor made a serious error by claiming that the Gaza Strip is “occupied” by Israel.   CBC’s anchor erroneously said the following: “More rockets, […]

Success! Radio-Canada Retracts Claim That Israel Killed 49 Palestinian Civilians

French version appended below … In the aftermath of the 3-day conflict between Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in August, Israel and Israeli organizations contend that half of the 49 Palestinian casualties were affiliated with terrorist groups, while Islamic Jihad itself identified 12 members of its group that were killed in recent fighting with […]

UPDATE: CBC Corrects Its Spreading Falsehood That “Palestinians Threw Rocks In Response” To Israeli Police Actions

UPDATE: April 26, 2022: Subsequent to HonestReporting Canada’s complaint to CBC News sent on April 21, our public broadcaster has corrected its previously false reporting that “Palestinians threw rocks in response” to Israeli Police action, by reversing the chronology of events. As well, per HRC’s request, CBC also covered recent Palestinian rocket attacks against Israeli […]

CBC Radio Program Whitewashes and Ignores Palestinian Terrorist Attacks

Over the last two weeks, 11 innocent people in Israel have been murdered in terrorist attacks. The attacks have included a car-ramming and stabbing spree in the southern Israeli city of Beersheva which killed four, a shooting in the port city of Hadera saw two murdered, and a Palestinian terrorist fired a machine gun at […]

CBC The Current Features Speaker Peddling Anti-Israel Misinformation

On the January 31’s edition of CBC’s The Current, host Matt Galloway discussed a new Israeli documentary film about the history of a small Arab village in pre-state Israel called Tantura, which was the site of an alleged illegal massacre of Arabs (referred to by the CBC as Palestinians) at the hands of a group […]