Toronto Star Letter Writer Claims Israel is “One Great Cause(s) of Terrorism”.

In a letter published in the Toronto Star today (see right or online here), Karin Chomko has the temerity to claim that the way the “current Israeli government treats Palestinians” is “one (of the) great cause(s) of terrorism”. Newsflash: the leading root cause of terrorism continues to be the radicalisation of Muslim youth to murder […]

What La Presse Didn't Tell you About Anti-Israel Activist Max Blumenthal

French follows English… Max Blumenthal is an American provocateur, radical activist and author of a new book whose extremist views appeal primarily to far left and fringe elements.  Along with a tendency for being caught inventing facts, Blumenthal asserts Israel must choose between forced exodus and forced assimilation in a greater Arab society. Yet, despite Blumenthal’s […]

Radical Muslim Clerics invited to Toronto: Shalom Toronto

Two Toronto Islamic organizations devoted to the Salafi ideology, the Qur’an and Sunnah Society of Canada (QSSC), have invited radical muslim clerics to keynote their upcoming conference. Shalom Toronto reports that these clerics hold anti-Semitic views. In a 2009 lecture, Sheikh Ali Al Halabi declared that ‘Allah brought about the Jews to rule over them […]