CTV Gives Undue Platform to Anti-Zionist Professor to Discuss EU Labeling Controversy

CTV News has the right to interview any guest of its choosing, yet of all the people and experts CTV could have interviewed on the sensitive topic of the European Union’s labeling of goods produced in Israeli settlements – one that Israel claims is inherently racist and discriminatory – CTV gave an undue platform to Professor Yakov Rabkin, […]

Israeli Journalist: CBC Reporter's Tweet was "Gross Misrepresentation" of my Analysis

CBC’s Mideast Bureau Chief Sasa Petricic has been accused by Haaretz journalist Anshel Pfeffer of issuing a tweet that he claimed was a “gross misrepresentation” of his analysis of what gave Benjamin Netanyahu his election victory. Petricic had Tweeted on March 18 that a “‘Racist ploy’ credited w giving #Netanyahu surprising win” citing Pfeffer’s “good […]

CIJA Letter in Journal de Montreal Takes Columnist to Task

Columnist Richard Latendresse, in an article in Le Journal de Montreal entitled  “Israel: A Racist State?” appears, with this headline, to answer in the affirmative and indeed suggests, among other things, that Israel is “only for Jews”.  David Ouellette, of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, sets Latendresse straight with the following excellent letter published […]

Racist Laws at the Knesset? Radio-Canada Corrects Error After HRC Complaint

See French version below In a report on the Israeli election campaign on January 22, Radio-Canada.ca reported the Arab League’s exhortation to Israeli Arabs to get out to vote in the election: “The Arab League calls on Israeli Arab voters to vote to oppose the racist laws that could be voted into the Knesset. The […]