CJN and International Coverage: University Steps In Over McGill Daily’s Anti-Zionism Ban

Check out the Canadian Jewish News’ coverage of HRC’s being disturbed by the McGill Daily’s reaffirming its discriminatory anti-Zionist policy. The article can be read via the CJN’s website or immediately below. Also see coverage in the Jerusalem Post, Algemeiner, TNC News, The Post Millenial, McGill Tribune, JNS News, and Cleveland Jewish News. See also […]

HRC Disturbed by McGill Daily’s Reaffirming its Discriminatory Anti-Zionist Policy

The McGill Daily, a campus paper accused of antisemitism and known for singling Israel out for exclusive condemnation, has reaffirmed its “anti-Zionist stance” that sees pro-Israel commentaries banned from the publication. In its November 4 edition, the paper’s editorial board penned a “response” that characterized the State of Israel as a “racist” and “colonial movement” […]

McGill Daily Continues To Malign Israel

Up to its old tricks, the McGill Daily continues to malign Israel on its pages. This is not surprising from a publication which recently peddled in antisemitism by claiming that Zionism is racism and for having an editorial policy of banning Zionist opinions. On the September 30 edition, the Daily featured a polemic by its […]

Neil Macdonald's Apartheid Slur is Inflammatory and Unfounded

There’s an important line separating legitimate opinion that enhances the public discourse, from incendiary rhetoric that interferes with constructive dialogue. Neil Macdonald’s historical contempt for Israel is well known and while he has the right to offend, his latest commentary entitled: “Forget the ‘slippery slope’ — Israel already is an apartheid state” crossed the line and was misleading, lacked context and was replete with […]