Toronto Star Headline Implicitly Casts Doubt About Palestinian Terror Attack

Update: January 14, 2021: Following HRC’s conveying our concerns to Toronto Star editors about this report, the myopic headline has since been amended to remove the word “alleged” when describing the Palestinian terror shooting attack. Original Alert: December 22, 2020: Israeli police say a Palestinian terrorist fired at officers in Jerusalem’s Old City on December […]

Globe Reporter Mark Mackinnon Claims Israel Set to “Annex” Parts of the “Palestinian Territories”

HRC previously took issue with Globe and Mail reporter Mark Mackinonn’s repeated failure to acknowledge Israel’s claims to Judea and Samaria and how Israel disputes that its settlements are described as being “illegal” citing international law, UN resolutions, its pressing security concerns, along with its biblical, historical and political connections to the land. With regret, […]

Canadian Media Portray Palestinian Terrorist as Victim

On May 31, many Canadian media outlets produced reporting which outrageously portrayed a Palestinian terrorist as a victim of Israeli aggression. On a Friday going into the Jewish sabbath, a Palestinian terrorist stabbed two Israelis in Jerusalem’s Old City and was subsequently killed by responding Israeli security forces. How did Canada’s media cover this repugnant […]

Toronto Star Erroneously Claims “West Bank” is “Palestinian Land”

Today, the Toronto Star republished a New York Times article where Star editors gave the following erroneous sub-headline: “Netanyahu’s pledge to annex Palestinian land a challenge to centrists”. The article’s main headline was: “West Bank’s future comes to forefront in Israel’s election”. The Times article also incorrectly stated the following: “The incremental entrenchment of Jewish […]

Earth to Toronto Star: Palestinian “Protests” Are Really Just Violent Terror Riots

Don’t trust everything you read in the newspaper. Despite what our media have been reporting, what’s been taking place for close to a year now along the fence that divides the Gaza-Israel border, are violent terror riots, not peaceful protests. Organized, incited and financed by Hamas, Palestinians armed with assault rifles, IED’s, grenades, arson balloons […]