Success! Ombudsman Upholds Complaints About Problematic CBC Coverage of Israel-Hamas War

HonestReporting Canada is pleased to share that subsequent to a number of problematic reports broadcast on various CBC News programs last Spring during Hamas’ war against Israel, and thanks to direct action taken by HRC, our subscribers, and the public at large, our public broadcaster’s ombudsman has upheld our concerns in a number of areas. […]

CBC Radio Report Ignores Israeli Casualties of Hamas Terror Attack

On November 21, CBC Radio aired several reports throughout the day that briefly covered the Hamas terror attack in Jerusalem where an Israeli was killed and four other Israelis were injured in the shooting attack. CBC had broadcast reports by freelancer Irris Makler about the U.K.’s decision to ban Hamas in its entirety as a […]

Le Mossad protège tous les Israéliens, pas seulement les Juifs : HRC demande à Radio-Canada de corriger les faits :

English version appended below. Le 12 octobre, l’émission documentaire de Radio-Canada, « Les Grands Reportages », a diffusé le documentaire « L’Histoire du Mossad », qui prétendait à tort que l’agence d’espionnage d’Israël ne servait qu’à protéger les Juifs. Radio-Canada a rapporté ce qui suit : « Le Mossad, l’organisme de services secrets israéliens, a été créé peu de […]

WATCH: CBC Kids News Spreads Anti-Israel Misinformation

Earlier this year, during and after the 11-day armed conflict between Israel and Hamas terrorists, Canadian media coverage of the violence was replete with bias by omission, reports that were devoid of context and contained factual errors. While the majority of adults are capable of forming their own opinions – even when they recognize myopic […]