CBC Reporter Produces Biased Coverage of Al-Aqsa Mosque Riots

In covering the recent Palestinian-Arab riots at the Al Aqsa Mosque on April 15, CBC News journalist Saša Petricic produced two reports from Washington, one for CBC The National and another for CBC Radio, each of which featured this reporter’s opinion disguised as news and which contained misleading accounts of casualty figures in recent weeks. […]

UPDATED: CTV Labels Palestinian Terrorist Who Shot IDF Solider A “Protestor”

Update: August 24, 2021: Subsequent to the issuance of this HRC alert and the action undertaken by our subscribers, CTV is now referring to the Palestinian terrorist who shot an IDF solider as a “militant”  instead of as a “protestor”. While,naturally we prefer that the individual be referred to as a terrorist, but notwithstanding, this […]

Israel Under Attack: What The Canadian Media Ignored

As of this writing, close to 150 rockets have been fired indiscriminately at Israel by Iran-backed Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza, along with an anti-tank missile which wounded an Israeli and incendiary balloons which sparked 10+ wildfires. Earlier today, an Israeli driver was nearly lynched by rioters, but was miraculously saved by a […]

CBC Issues On-Air Corrections: Israel Didn't Kill Palestinian Protester

On April 4, HonestReporting Canada contacted senior CBC editors to register our concerns over several unfair and inaccurate reports it aired that day about recent violent altercations between Israeli forces and Palestinians in the West Bank. CBC News Montreal at 5:41pm and CBC Prince Edward Island  at 4:32pm both falsely reported that Israeli soldiers killed three, […]