Ex-CBC Reporter Neil Macdonald Laments Death of Saeb Erekat, As Does CBC Seemingly

Via Twitter today, ex-CBC reporter Neil Macdonald lamented the death of Palestinian  chief “negotiator” Saeb Erekat. Known for his anti-Israel bias, Macdonald chose to describe Erekat as a “good, decent man…” Macdonald conveniently forgot the following about Erekat: He led a $400-million Palestinian ‘Pay for Slay’ policy of paying salaries of  terrorists & murderers of […]

Canadian Media Fall for Palestinian Dead Baby Strategy

Israel’s enemies are adept at exploiting the deaths of Palestinian infants and innocent civilians alike to slander the Jewish state. This crude and morally depraved anti-Israel propaganda was on full display on May 4 when Palestinians, specifically Gaza’s Health Ministry (run by the Hamas terror group) claimed that an Israeli airstrike killed a 14-month-old Palestinian […]

First Nations Representative Rejects ‘Palestinian Appropriation of the Native Cause’

Ryan Bellerose, organizer of Idle No More, took to the pages of the Toronto Sun and other SunMedia publications to protest the efforts of ‘Justice for Palestine’ (JFP) to organize a conference entitled “Indigenous Perspectives on Water: Canada and Palestine”. Upset by JFP’s objective of conflating issues and appropriating the Native cause, Mr. Bellerose is […]

Media Monitor Takes Note of Intelsat Decision to Take Iran’s Press TV Off Air; Still Has Concerns

  For Immediate ReleaseFebruary 12, 2013 TORONTO – Today, HonestReporting Canada (HRC) took note of news that Intelsat, the global satellite communication provider, had removed Iran’s state-funded propaganda mouthpiece PressTV from its broadcast platform in Canada and the United States, while expressing its concerns about PressTV’s accessibility over its Galaxy 19 platform. In response, HRC […]