Globe & Mail Cartoon Portrays Anti-Israel Campus Occupiers As Noble Students Representing Popular Wave Of Protest Movement, Ignoring Hate & Harassment From Tiny Mobs

To have the news media tell it, the anti-Israel campus occupations on a small number of universities across Canada represent a wave of popular civil disobedience, particularly among the next generation who are eager to fight for social change. In reality, the occupations are primarily led by older adults and other non-students, hiding behind a […]

McGill Daily Back To Its Old Anti-Israel Tricks

Update: March 30, 2020: The Daily published a commentary by Andreas Iakovos Koch on March 27 promoting another SPHR effort while noting the following: “In October 2018, the ASN provoked more controversy on campus by inviting Nuseir Yassin, better known by his Facebook name Nas Daily, a Palestinian citizen of Israel and video-blogger who has […]

HRC Executive Director Compared to Nazi Propagandist Joseph Goebbels by Newspaper Contributor

As Executive Director of HonestReporting Canada, I’ve been a regular recipient of antisemitism, bigotry and xenophobia during my 16+ year career doing Israel advocacy, and for the most part, I’m immune to it, but for a supposedly reputable newspaper to publish a column by anti-Israel detractor Richard Deaton comparing me to chief Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels, […]

HRC Takes Twitter to Task for Giving Hamas A Platform

Today, the widely read Times of Israel news outlet gave HonestReporting Canada space to take Twitter to task for giving the Hamas terror organization a platform to spew outright lies, hate and incitement to its over half a million followers and throughout the Twittersphere. To read our commentary at the Times of Israel, click here […]