HRC In Prince George Citizen: Anti-Israel Protest Did More Harm Than Good

In the Prince George Citizen on July 18, HRC Marketing and Community Relations Associate Robert Walker commented on the actions of anti-Israel detractors in Prince Rupert, B.C., who refused to unload the cargo of a ship belonging to an Israeli company. As Robert put it, the anti-Israel protest did more harm than good: Boycotting Israel, […]

HRC Calls Out Columnist for Anti-Israel Views in Prince George Citizen

“When Israel is compared, not to other nation-states around the world, but to a crime against humanity, it is antisemitism. When Israel’s very existence as the independent homeland of the Jewish people is denied, it is antisemitism. And when Israel faces criticism that no other country in the world is subjected to, that’s antisemitism as […]

HRC in Prince George Citizen: “Don’t Weep for Palestine”

In the Prince George Citizen today, HRC Research Analyst Jake Beaumont asserts that when it comes to Israel, and discussing the Israel-Palestine conflict, anti-Israel activists tend to champion the Palestinian cause without understanding the salient and pertinent facts behind the very situation they are meandering about. Read our letter in full as appended below: