Muslim-Majority Kosovo’s Making Peace with Israel a Big Deal

Israel’s diplomatic breakthroughs keep coming. In late January, Kosovo joined a growing number of Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East and Africa in recognizing Israel, and establishing full diplomatic and economic relations. Joining the ranks of Sudan, Morocco, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the agreement between Israel and Kosovo is noteworthy for a […]

CBC The Sunday Edition Airs 30-Minute Anti-Israel Invective

If you tuned into CBC Radio on November 10, you were likely aghast to hear a 30-minute anti-Israel invective that centered largely on replacing the world’s only Jewish state with an Arab-majority, Palestinian-run country. On “The Sunday Edition” yesterday, CBC Anchor Michael Enright interviewed avowed anti-Zionist and anti-Israel detractor, Noura Erakat (pictured right), professor of […]

HRC Prompts Hill Times Correction to Sheila Copps’ Anti-Israel Column

On May 21, the Hill Times published an anti-Israel column by Sheila Copps, former deputy prime minister and cabinet minister in the Jean Chrétien government. HonestReporting Canada notified Hill Times editors that this column featured two serious errors: 1) Copps erroneously claimed that President Trump moved “the (U.S.) embassy to East Jerusalem”. Actually, he moved the […]

Canadian Pundit’s Spurious Allegations About a Potential Israeli War with Hezbollah

Recently, Canadian pundits on, the Globe and Mail and in the Hill Times, all engaged in sophistry when arguing that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu intends to wage a war with Lebanon and Hezbollah, all in an effort to distract the Israeli public’s attention away from domestic corruption investigations. These claims are all baseless and […]