PostMedia Paper Deletes Claim that All Arab League Countries Rejected Trump’s Mideast Plan

On February 22, the PostMedia newspaper the Kingston Whig-Standard published a column by anti-Israel commentator Louis Delvoie who wrongly that all members of the Arab League had rejected U.S. President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan, known officially as the “Peace to Prosperity” plan or, more colloquially, “The Deal Of The Century”. Delvoie has a […]

Did a Postmedia Cartoon Engage in Antisemitism?

On February 17, PostMedia editorial cartoonist Andy Donato penned the following caricature of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Donald Trump that depicted Trump as a talking dummy – a puppet and Netanyahu as the ventriloquist puppetmaster, who hand-manipulates Trump with the pull of a string. The cartoon was published in several publications including the Toronto […]