SPVM Apologizes After Inspector Uses Antisemitic Term “Shylocking” During Radio Interview To Describe Organized Crime, Bars Term’s Use After HRC Intervention

On May 19, CJAD, an English-language radio station in Montreal, hosted a segment covering the existence of organized crime in the city. In the segment entitled: “Montreal Has Seen an Increase in Organized Crime Over The Past Year,” host Aaron Rand spoke with James Paixao, an Inspector with the SPVM’s (Service de police de la […]

University Professor In Calgary Spreads Anti-Israel Disinformation on Al Jazeera

In a recent opinion article published on Qatar-based Al Jazeera, “The cause, and the goal, of Israeli violence,” Mark Muhannad Ayyash, an Associate Professor of Sociology at Calgary’s Mount Royal University, attempts to weave together anti-Israel disinformation and a wholesale rewriting of history into a single pop sociological lecture. This is not the first time […]

CP24: “Palestinian Man” (Not Terrorist) Only “Allegedly” Stabbed an Israeli Man

Today, a Palestinian terrorist stabbed and critically injured an Israeli man in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, and yet, CP24 has the temerity to claim only that a “Palestinian man” had “allegedly” stabbed an Israeli man. Take action now by sending a complaint to CP24 at their viewer response line: Phone: (416) 384-2700 […]