TVO’s The Agenda Explores Why Antisemitism is on the Rise Worldwide

Worth watching on yesterday’s broadcast of The Agenda with Anchor Steve Paikin, American historian Deborah Lipstadt speaks about the rise in worldwide antisemitism, why it endures and why Jews are afraid once again. It didn’t take the terrible events of last year at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, where a gunman killed 11 people, to remind […]

Montreal Gazette Wrongly Portrays Fringe Anti-Israel Group’s Efforts As Representative of Jewish Community

While it’s deeply appreciated that the Montreal Gazette devoted significant front-page coverage on October 29 to the odious antisemitic attack at a Pittsburgh synagogue that saw 11 Jews murdered and half a dozen injured, it’s very regrettable that the Gazette’s reporting highlighted the efforts of a fringe anti-Israel organization called “Independent Jewish Voices” that is […]