HRC Prompts Globe Correction: Area B of West Bank Under Israeli Security Control

On January 30, the Globe and Mail published a feature-length front page report about President Trump’s Peace to Prosperity plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Former Middle East bureau chief Mark Mackinnon filed a report from the Shatila refugee camp in Lebanon detailing how “Palestinians feel betrayed by (the) Arab world following U.S.-Israel Middle East […]

HRC Files Complaint with Global News Over 1-Sided Podcast About Trump Peace Plan

HonestReporting Canada has filed a complaint with senior editors at Global News bringing our concerns about a 1-sided podcast interview that gave an anti-Israel detractor free rein to spread mistruths about the Arab-Israeli conflict. On the February 3 edition of “Wait, There’s More” podcast, host Tamara Khandaker conducted a 20-minute, feature-length interview with Rashid Khalidi, […]