Israel Is Not The Grinch That Destroyed Christmas

Christmas Day is approaching, and for millions of Canadians, that means time spent with family and friends, gift giving and an opportunity to appreciate the simpler things in life. But for many media outlets, December 25 also represents an opportunity to report on the historic city of Bethlehem, an important site for Christianity. But rather […]

LISTEN: Israel: 3,000 Years Old, 73 Years Young (The Honest Report Podcast)

When Israelis celebrate their independence on Yom Ha’atzmaut, they find joy in the responsibility and freedoms of self-determination in their historic homeland – as well they should. Israel has, in a short 73 years, proven what can be possible when there is little more but determination and chutzpah. But the long and arduous arc of […]

TVA Falsely Claims 8,000 Jews Crossed Border in 48 Hours

La version française suit On March 26, TVA Nouvelles falsely reported that 8,000 Jews crossed the Lacolle border crossing between Quebec and New York in less than 48 hours. The false narrative asserted that Jews were coming in droves for Passover, and don’t plan to quarantine and were flouting pandemic restrictions. In so doing, antisemitism […]

Canadians Who Exploit the Holocaust as a Rhetorical Cudgel Deserving of Contempt

In the wake of the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust against European Jewry in 1945, activists and educators around the world committed that “never again” would the world witness such an inhumane massacre of innocent civilians, regardless of their faith, ethnicity, colour, orientation or any other factor. In fact, even the term “never again” became […]

The “Vaccine Apartheid Libel” is Antisemitic

  By foisting the vaccine apartheid libel, Israel’s detractors hold the Jewish state to a standard of perfection that no country in the world could ever meet and single it out for exclusive censure. That is antisemitism. See our take in the Times of Israel. For the mainstream media, there are only two news narratives […]