HRC in the Telegram: "Ending Blockade of Gaza is not the Answer"

In the Telegram on September 17, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman condemned the so-called “Women’s Boat to Gaza” as a dangerous provocation and reckless act that draws a risk for unnecessary violence to ensue. Read our commentary online here or as appended below:

In London Free Press, HRC Defends Israeli Blockade of Hamas-Run Gaza

Thank you to the London Free Press for granting HonestReporting Canada space to explain and defend Israel’s need to enforce a security blockade of the Hamas-run Gaza Strip. Here is our letter by HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman which was published in the London Free Press on August 20:

HRC in Toronto Star: Mideast Reporting A Difficult Balance

Today, the Toronto Star published the following letter to the editor from HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman about how it’s difficult to procure balance in Mideast reporting: While Palestinians may be “angry” about their plight, there is no grievance that justifies the wholesale slaughter of innocents. Furthermore, contrary to Robert Fantina’s claims, the UN-commissioned Palmer […]

Radio-Canada Issues Correction: Mavi Marmara not “Attacked” by Israeli Forces

See French version below. On April 7, Radio-Canada’s Middle East correspondent Ginette Lamarche filed a report on the reconciliation efforts between Israel and Turkey. Recalling the Mavi Marmara incident, Ms. Lamarche stated “Two weeks after the Israeli prime minister offered an apology to Ankara for the attack on the Mavi Marmara…” As HRC pointed out […]