Success! Montreal Gazette Amends Article Which Falsely Claimed Most Palestinians Killed In Gaza Are Women & Children

On the front page of the Montreal Gazette on May 14, a report by Andy Riga, Michelle Lalonde, and Jacob Serebrin was published entitled: “Heavy police presence as thousands of Israel supporters rally in downtown Montreal,” which erroneously stated the following: “Taha said he understands where Israel supporters are coming from, but that he wants them to think about […]

Toronto Star Podcast Gives 17 Minutes For Apologist For Illegal Campus Hatefest To Spout Nonsensical Claims, Unchallenged

In a May 16 episode of Toronto Star podcast This Matters, entitled “Voices from the ground: a glimpse inside Canada’s student encampments,” host Saba Eitizaz spoke to two guests about their observations and commentary regarding the University of Toronto’s illegal anti-Israel encampment. While Eitizaz started out making at least some effort to summarize the nature […]

HRC Published In The Calgary Herald: Gaza Toll Being Inflated

On May 18, HRC Assistant Director Robert Walker was published in The Calgary Herald, writing in response to a letter by Rita Wong, who falsely stated that “Our governments have witnessed the (Israeli) military massacre of more than 35,000 unarmed Palestinian refugees, almost half of whom are children” over the past 8 months. HRC rebuked her […]