Mahmoud Abbas Spreads Vile Antisemitism: Canadian Media Must Condemn

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is facing widespread criticism from global leaders after explicitly antisemitic remarks he made in August were recently translated and released. Abbas’ comments, which were made during a speech at the Fatah Revolutionary Council and were translated by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute), claimed that Adolf Hitler’s Nazis and their allies […]

Success! Toronto Star & National Post Headlines Amended After Failing To Properly Label Dead Palestinian As Terrorist

On Tuesday, August 22, 2023, The Toronto Star and The National Post published an Associated Press (AP) article whose headline failed to properly label a Palestinian killed by IDF soldiers as a terrorist and merely referred to the deceased as being a teenager.   According to The Times of Israel, IDF troops were conducting overnight counter-terrorism operations in Jenin when […]

Meet Mohammad Assadi, Ottawa Anti-Israel Activist & Promoter Of Hezbollah Terrorist Propaganda

HonestReporting Canada has previously alerted the public to the nefarious actions of noted anti-Israel activist Firas al-Najim, one of the country’s most prominent campaigners against the Jewish State, and our efforts helped to ensure that al-Najim was suspended from Twitter, as well as TikTok, two popular platforms where much of his hate was disseminated. Al-Najim’s […]

Globe & Mail And La Presse Headlines Fail To Properly Label Palestinian Terrorism

On August 5, the Globe and Mail published an article with the headline entitled: “Gunman opens fire in downtown Tel Aviv day after rampage in occupied West Bank”. Untold in the headline, was not only the fact that the gunman was a Palestinian terrorist, but that he murdered 42-year-old Chen Amir, a Tel Aviv municipal […]

CBC/Radio-Canada Article Uncritically Quotes Palestinian Official Who Falsely Claims Roman-Era Archaeological Find Proves “Thousands of Years” of Palestinian History

Cliquez ici pour la version française Palestinian archaeologists working in the Gaza Strip have recently uncovered the tombs of at least 125 people, which dates back around two thousand years ago. The finding includes a number of partially intact skeletons, as well as two sarcophagi, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. But […]