CBC The Current Apologizes for Referring to “Palestine”

In an interview on August 18 with graphic journalist and war correspondent Joe Sacco on “the themes of colonialism and resource extraction,” CBC The Current guest anchor Duncan McCue erroneously referred to the mythical state of “Palestine” in his line of questioning to Mr. Sacco. Listen to an abstract of the segment immediately below: Of […]

Dear Chatelaine: There Is No State of Palestine

Dear Chatelaine, Contrary to your Magazine’s assertion, there is no such thing as a state of Palestine. On June 19, you featured an article by Chantal Braganza entitled: “This New Cookbook Is A Love Letter To Palestinian Food” about a new cookbook called “Falastin” co-written by Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley which sets out to […]

Globe Reporter Mark Mackinnon Claims Israel Set to “Annex” Parts of the “Palestinian Territories”

HRC previously took issue with Globe and Mail reporter Mark Mackinonn’s repeated failure to acknowledge Israel’s claims to Judea and Samaria and how Israel disputes that its settlements are described as being “illegal” citing international law, UN resolutions, its pressing security concerns, along with its biblical, historical and political connections to the land. With regret, […]

Globe Claims All Palestinian “Refugees” Were “Forced” From Their Homes; Claims “Palestine” Exists

In a  feature-length front-page report today entitled: “Behind the fence: How the world’s displaced are dealing with COVID-19,” the Globe and Mail had the audacity to claim that a state of “Palestine” exists while asserting that all 5.5 million Palestinian “refugees” were “forced from their homes.” Reporter Eric Reguly stated the following: “Greece’s five island […]