HRC Letter In Ottawa Sun Says Hamas Is Committed To Israel’s Destruction

On November 20, the Ottawa Sun published a letter by Stephen Flanagan, who compared Israel’s fight against Hamas terrorists in Gaza to the Dresden Bombing of World War 2, which saw the British and American armies join together and aerial bomb the city of Dresden, in Nazi Germany. Stephen Flanagan then accused Israel of killing innocent […]

Don’t Ignore the Rise of Antisemitism in France: HRC Asserts in Sun Newspapers

Today, in an important commentary published in the Toronto, Ottawa and Winnipeg Sun newspaper, HonestReporting Canada rang the alarm bell about how France is allowing the state-sanctioned murder of Jews. We know this sounds like hyperbole, but it’s not! Recently, France’s court of appeals ruled, unbelievably, that the brutal murderer of Sarah Halimi, a 65-year-old […]

Tarek Fatah Ignores Jewish Indigeneity in Judea and Samaria

It’s praiseworthy that in his syndicated Sun column today, that Tarek Fatah acknowledges Jewish indigeneity in Israel proper, but it’s regrettable that he failed to recognize the indisputable fact that Jews are indigenous to Judea and Samaria (“West Bank”), and have lived there, uninterrupted for over 3,000 years. Jews have legitimate claims to Judea and […]

Canadian Media Depict Israel as the Aggressor Despite Palestinian Rocket Barrage

Where were the Canadian media headlines to explain the true chronology of the recent flare up in violence between Israel and Hamas? As points out in its primer of recent hostilities, news coverage commenced only when Israel fired back. As Simon Plosker,’s Managing Editor notes: “How many times have we witnessed the media […]

In Ottawa Sun, HRC Refutes Allegations that Israel Used Chemical Weapons

Responding to a September 7  letter in the Ottawa Sun which equated Israel’s benign use of white phosphorus for illumination in warfare with terrorists and Assad’s unleashing of chemical weapons that murdered more than 1,400 innocents, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman set the record straight in a letter published in today’s Sun. See both letters immediately below: […]