In Ottawa Citizen Commentary, HRC Says Canada Has Good Reason To Be Cautious About Refugees From Gaza, Given Populations Majority Support For Hamas

In his January 29 column in The Ottawa Citizen, commentator Matthew Behrens took issue with the federal government’s regulations surrounding refugees from the Gaza Strip, calling them too stringent. On February 12, HRC Assistant Director, Rob Walker, was given space in the Ottawa Citizen to rebuke Matthew Behrens’s statement, stating that given the extent of Hamas’ […]

In Full-Page Ottawa Citizen Ad, HRC Continues To Unmask The True Face Of Hamas

On Saturday, January 6, The Ottawa Citizen, published a full-page colour advertisement by HonestReporting Canada. This follows our first full-page ad, on December 16 in the Toronto Star. The advertisement, titled “CAN A NEWSPAPER AD STOP WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST? NO, BUT KNOWING ALL THE FACTS CAN HELP”, reminded readers of some of the most fundamental […]

Ottawa Citizen Columnist Proposes “Reconciliation Processes” For Israelis & Palestinians – But Does Not Acknowledge Palestinian Rejectionism Against Israel

In her December 12 opinion column in The Ottawa Citizen entitled: “How about a truth and reconciliation commission for the Gaza conflict?” local educator, writer and artist Aisha Sherazi proposed pursuing “reconciliation processes” to help set the stage for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. While such a concept is laudable in theory, in practice, Sherazi’s […]