Islamic Society Of Kingston Denies Israel’s Right To Exist By Publishing Statement Decrying “75 Years of Occupation”

On November 27,, a local news site in Kingston, Ontario, published an unedited statement by the Islamic Society of Kingston, which called for “an immediate, lasting ceasefire” between Israel and Hamas. In the face of ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, the Gaza-based Islamic terrorist organization, such words sound undoubtedly appealing. But a further […]

CBC Airs Report On Ontario Student Walkouts, Failing To Mention Signs Called For Israel’s Destruction & Featured Holocaust Distortion / Antisemitism

On November 14, CBC News broadcast a report by journalist Tyler Cheese, who covered secondary school students walking out of class to “show support for Palestinians.” However, this CBC journalist’s report not only portrayed these walkouts as student-organized, but specifically mentioned that students held signs that were in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Click below to […]

Windsor Municipal Candidate Spews Anti-Israel Venom On Facebook: Where Is The News Media?

Ontarians will vote on Monday, October 24 in municipal elections held across the province. From large cities to small towns, voters will choose elected representatives for a variety of positions, including mayors, members of council, as well as school board trustees. In municipal elections, typical issues of concern are property tax rates, schooling and other […]

Sheridan College Instructor Doubles as Anti-Israel Columnist for Al Jazeera

It’s no secret that college and university campus in North America have played host to anti-Israel activity. This has included BDS (Boycott, Divestment, & Sanctions) referendums, Israel Apartheid Week, anti-Israel events, and more. But perhaps one of the most pernicious elements of this campaign foisted on post-secondary campuses has been the involvement of professors and […]