CBC Radio Report Ignores Israeli Casualties of Hamas Terror Attack

On November 21, CBC Radio aired several reports throughout the day that briefly covered the Hamas terror attack in Jerusalem where an Israeli was killed and four other Israelis were injured in the shooting attack. CBC had broadcast reports by freelancer Irris Makler about the U.K.’s decision to ban Hamas in its entirety as a […]

Toronto Star Headline Implicitly Casts Doubt About Palestinian Terror Attack

Update: January 14, 2021: Following HRC’s conveying our concerns to Toronto Star editors about this report, the myopic headline has since been amended to remove the word “alleged” when describing the Palestinian terror shooting attack. Original Alert: December 22, 2020: Israeli police say a Palestinian terrorist fired at officers in Jerusalem’s Old City on December […]

Wiping the Historical Jewish Connection to East Jerusalem Off The Map

Writing in the Globe and Mail on January 23, reporter Dakshana Bascaramurty (pictured below) erroneously assumed that Jewish ties to eastern Jerusalem only began in 1967. Bascaramurty falsely claimed the following (emphasis added): “The Palestinians want to establish their future capital in East Jerusalem, while Israel sees the whole city as its own capital. While the […]

Special Report: CBC Journalist Whitewashes Palestinian Terror Against Israelis

We recently took CBC News to task for its website’s failure to report on the recent Palestinian terror attacks. Though subsequent to our efforts, CBC News.ca did produce coverage of the attacks, it shouldn’t take the work of a media monitoring organization to prompt our public broadcaster to report on these incidents. Not isolated to the […]