Even Palestinians Don’t Want A Boycott of Israel

Writing on the CBC News website on March 16, HonestReporting Canada Executive Director Mike Fegelman lauds Canadian parliamentarian’s for their overwhelmingly condemnation of BDS while calling out BDS activists for what they are: bigots, hate-mongers, and many who are virulent anti-Semites whose very efforts run contrary to the best interests of Palestinians. To view HRC’s […]

Government Calls Neil Macdonald Israel Boycott Story a "Bizarre Conspiracy Theory"

Writing on the CBC’s website today, Neil Macdonald, a reporter whose animus against Israel is well known (see his top 10 journalistic transgressions here, and more here, here, & here) published an article with the following inflammatory and inaccurate headline: In an HRC complaint sent this morning to Marissa Nelson, Managing Director of CBC.ca, we […]

HRC Counters BDS in the Regina Leader Post

In the Regina Leader Post on September 8, HRC called out BDS advocate Emily Eaton, an associate professor of geography at the University of Regina, for endorsing a boycott of Israeli universities – schools which have brought about amazing advancements in medicine, science and technology – an effort that was nothing more than discrimination based […]

Walrus Contributor Conjures up False Notion that Criticism of Israel is Taboo

Writing in Walrus Magazine this month, Joseph Rosen engages in his own linguistic warfare by bringing up anti-Semitic canards like alleged Jewish control of the media and by referring to “Zionist money” that funds various “lobby groups”.  Rosen himself dismisses the fact that Israel, a nation born out of the ashes of the Holocaust and the […]

HRC Op-Ed in IPolitics: "Maybe Israel Isn’t Behind the Middle East’s Despair"

In our latest IPolitics commentary, HRC Regional Director Michelle Whiteman takes IPolitics contributor Paul Adams to task for claiming that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is “deeply committed to a negotiated peace” whereas according to Adams, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is uninterested in peace talks. HRC sets the record straight about Adam’s likening Israel with apartheid-era […]