HRC In The Post Millennial: The US Must Stay Trump’s Course in the Mideast

In The Post Millennial today, HRC Marketing and Community Relations Associate Rob Walker says that: With only two months left until a new Biden government takes charge, and though the coming administration may be tempted to veer away from Trump’s policies in the Middle East, a sanguine news analysis should come to the conclusion that […]

HRC In Globe and Mail: “Old Assumptions About Middle East Peace Have Been Shattered”

In The Globe and Mail today, ⁦Honest Reporting Canada⁩ Executive Director Mike Fegelman examines the historic significance of the Abraham Accords, its impact on the future of Mideast diplomacy and its implications for the Palestinians. The full op-ed  can be found on the Globe’s website or appended below: The year 2020 will undoubtedly be remembered […]

HRC In Post Millennial: “Have the Palestinians Missed the Boat on Mid-East Peace?”

In The Post Millennial, HonestReporting Canada’s Noah Lewis examines what the Abraham Accords means for a prospective Palestinian state and for once and for all resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict. Coming just twenty-nine days after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced that they would formalize relations with the Jewish State, the Kingdom of Bahrain will now […]

Israel and UAE Change Mideast Peacemaking Paradigm: Read HRC’s Latest in Times of Israel

The Palestinian leadership previously held a veto over the normalization process between Israel and the Arab world, but no longer thanks to the historic peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Read HonestReporting Canada’s latest commentary by our Executive Director Mike Fegelman via the Times of Israel website or immediately below.   Israel […]