HRC / AVI Campus Media Fellow Published In The Jerusalem Post: These Are The Challenges Jewish Students Are Facing On Campus

On June 25, one of our Campus Media Fellows, Maxine Khalfon, was published in The Jerusalem Post, about how since October 7, student publications have cherry-picked information, ignored opposing viewpoints, and presented a biased narrative to fit an anti-Israel ideological agenda. These student newspapers not only regularly produce narratives that exhibit a persistent bias, riddled […]

HRC Letter In Hill Times Rebuts Columnist’s Accusing Israel of Human Rights Abuses & Completely Ignoring Palestinian Terrorism

In The Hill Times on March 13, columnist Mukarram Zaidi accused Israel of committing human rights abuses against the Palestinian people. However, in so doing, Zaidi completely ignored how Israeli politicians and society at large reject violence against Palestinians, all while the Palestinian leadership – and much of Palestinian society – celebrates the murder of […]

Success! Radio-Canada Retracts Claim That Israel Killed 49 Palestinian Civilians

French version appended below … In the aftermath of the 3-day conflict between Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in August, Israel and Israeli organizations contend that half of the 49 Palestinian casualties were affiliated with terrorist groups, while Islamic Jihad itself identified 12 members of its group that were killed in recent fighting with […]

Toronto-Area Arabic Media Peddles What HRC Regards As Antisemitic Propaganda

In the mainstream Canadian news media, problematic news coverage related to Israel isn’t a rare occurrence. And while sometimes there are overt anti-Israel opinion columns or broadcasts, oftentimes, the problems are a result of omission, misinformation or poor writing. But in recent weeks, separate incidents in the Toronto-area Arabic language press have shown a very […]