Ex-CBC Reporter Neil Macdonald Laments Death of Saeb Erekat, As Does CBC Seemingly

Via Twitter today, ex-CBC reporter Neil Macdonald lamented the death of Palestinian  chief “negotiator” Saeb Erekat. Known for his anti-Israel bias, Macdonald chose to describe Erekat as a “good, decent man…” Macdonald conveniently forgot the following about Erekat: He led a $400-million Palestinian ‘Pay for Slay’ policy of paying salaries of  terrorists & murderers of […]

Neil Macdonald Tacitly Accuses Israel of War Crimes on CBC Opinion

Writing on CBC Opinion, columnist Neil Macdonald (well-known for his anti–Israel animus) penned an essay claiming President Trump is “now pardoning convicted and accused war criminals, and effectively advising the Pentagon not to prosecute American soldiers who commit atrocities in other countries.” As is his modus operandi, Macdonald once again dragged Israel into a story […]

Ombudsman: CBC Opinion Section Unbalanced on Israel Which “Violates Policy”

In a review published yesterday entitled “Managing opinion”, CBC Ombudsman Esther Enkin found that CBC’s newly-minted opinion section stood in violation of CBC policy for not having featured a broad range of views on highly contentious topics about Israel. Ms. Enkin “strongly urge(s) CBC management to find other columnists to write about this contentious topic.” […]

Neil Macdonald: “I Still Believed…. That The Holocaust Happened.”

In an opinion commentary published on the CBC’s website entitled: “Censorship is patronizing. Always has been, always will be”: Neil Macdonald writes that “From trying to silence Holocaust deniers to shouting down Richard Spencer: censorship never changes.” In his polemic, Macdonald states the following: “I had heard just about every argument made by Holocaust deniers, […]