CTV Poll: Will Midest Peace Talks Bear Fruit? Respondents Overwhelmingly Say No

Over the weekend, CTV News.ca polled the following question to its readers: Do you think the upcoming peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians will result in any sort of agreement? Apparently not. Of the 3,067 readers polled, only 8% were optimistic while 92% were pessimistic to the prospects for a peaceful agreement. See […]

CBC Falsely Claims Israelis Vandalized Obama Posters in Jerusalem

U.S. President Barack Obama’s current trip to Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan has commanded significant coverage by various Canadian media outlets. Canadian news coverage has been by and large, fair and accurate, with the exception of the following two serious errors CBC News made. On March 20 at 6:00am (EST), CBC News Network broadcast […]