Globe & Mail Reporter Tells Of Sombre Mood Of Palestinians In Judea & Samaria (West Bank) Because Of War In Gaza, While Ignoring Their Enthusiastic Support for Hamas’ Massacres

An April 9 article in The Globe and Mail entitled: “For Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza, Eid brings no prospect of joy under the shadow of war,” written by International Correspondent Nathan Vanderklippe, managed to spend nearly 800 words, all while saying almost nothing of consequence at all. Vanderklippe’s report told the story of […]

HRC Prompts Globe Retraction Of False Claim That Ariel Sharon Helped Incite 2nd Intifada By Entering Al Aqsa Mosque

On February 22, the Globe and Mail published a lengthy article entitled: “Israel’s national security minister Itamar Ben-Gvir brings fury from the right-wing fringes to Netanyahu’s government,” by international correspondent Nathan VanderKlippe, that saw the Globe’s journalist falsely report the following: “He sees other parallels between the two men. Mr. Sharon helped incite the second […]