Winnipeg-Based Feminist Magazine Publishes Book Review Accusing Israel of “Ethnic Cleansing Operation” of Palestinians

Herizons describes itself as a Winnipeg-based feminist magazine, published quarterly, which according to its website, “covers gender justice, the activists and artists making it happen, and the global feminist movement.” Herizons acknowledges that it receives funding both from the Manitoba Arts Council, and the Government of Canada. In its Fall 2021 issue, Herizons published a […]

The Walrus Magazine Publishes 1st Person Narrative That Delegitimizes Israel

On November 15, The Walrus magazine published a first person narrative by Lima Al-Azzeh entitled: “Navigating My Palestinian Heritage with the Help of Social Media,” which had the author recounting her upbringing and cultural identity. Sadly, she also used this opportunity to malign Israel and spread debunked misinformation about the Jewish state. She writes: “The […]

HRC Op-Ed In Peterborough Examiner: Israel Has Been The Jewish Homeland For Millennia

In an op-ed published in the Peterborough Examiner today, HRC responded to a Rosemary Ganley commentary on January 23 which failed to assign any blame or responsibility to the Palestinians themselves (or to the Arab world at large) for their situation. Only Israel was maligned and was the recipient of condemnation. HRC set the record […]