Toronto Star Article On Hateful “Nakba Day” Rewrites History, Whitewashing Historical Record Of Arab Regimes Who Sought To Destroy Israel

An April 16 news article in The Toronto Star reporting on a controversial school board commemoration blatantly misrepresented the modern history of Israel. In the article entitled: “Peel school board urged to remove Nakba Day from calendar of significant dates,” Education Reporter Isabel Teotonio covered growing backlash against the Peel District School Board, which in […]

Montreal’s “Nakba Day” Event A Celebration of Violence Against Israel

Along with Toronto and Vancouver, Montreal was home to a Nakba Day demonstration, held on Sunday, May 14. Nakba, the Arabic word for catastrophe, refers to Israel’s proclamation of independence on May 14, 1948, and is an oft-repeated term used by anti-Israel activists to describe Israel’s rebirth 75 years ago as a cataclysmic event. The […]

Nakba Day: A Festival of Hate in Downtown Toronto: Where’s The Media Coverage?

On Saturday, May 13, Nakba Day was held at Dundas Square, in downtown Toronto. The demonstration, organized by a litany of local anti-Israel organizations, was marketed as commemorating 75 years since the “nakba,” or Arabic for catastrophe, referring to Israel’s rebirth in 1948 and an effort to “resist against the ongoing settler colonial and imperial […]

University of Toronto Newspaper Repeats Anti-Israel Propaganda

In May, as Israel celebrated its 74th birthday alongside supporters around the world who reveled in the Jewish State’s remarkable achievements, particularly in the face of tremendous adversity, a small but vocal group of anti-Israel protesters gathered to protest the country’s existence. This protest was reported in a recent July 28 article in The Varsity, […]