CBC Claims Hamas “Retaliated” By Firing 4,000+ Rockets At Israel

Today, in a report on its website, CBC News claimed that Hamas’ firing of 4,000+ rockets at Israel was done in retaliation for the clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian protestors at the Temple Mount compound and due to slated evictions for Arabs who didn’t pay rent in the Sheikh Jarrah / Shimon HaTzadik neighbourhood. […]

Foodbenders, Accused of Antisemitism, Launches New Crowdfunding Campaign

Canadian media take note, after having her previous fundraisers removed by GoFundMe for violating the sites terms of service, Kimberly Hawkins, Owner of Foodbenders, has found a new platform in LaunchGood, a platform which describes itself as “Crowdfunding Incredible Muslims Worldwide”, to host her latest “Foodbenders Legal Defence Fundraiser” which seeks to raise $100,000 to […]

HRC Files Complaint with CBSC After Anti-Semitic Tirade Aired on Hamilton Radio Station

Today, HonestReporting Canada (HRC), a non-profit media watchdog organization that ensures fair and accurate Canadian media coverage of Israel, filed an official complaint with the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC), regarding a caller’s anti-Semitic tirade that was aired on the evening of July 30 on the Ben Guyatt Show on AM 900 CHML, a Corus radio […]

Temple Mount Tensions and Terror: A Critical Analysis of Canadian Media Coverage

Last week, three Israeli-Arabs carried out a brutal terrorist attack that killed two Israeli-Druze policemen on the Temple Mount. The terrorists and their accomplice smuggled and hid weapons near Islam’s third holiest site, the Al Aqsa Mosque, and in an effort to prevent such an attack from happening again, Israel installed metal detectors to safeguard everyone (Jews […]

In the Huffington Post, “Israel: Western Imperialism Favors Democracy”

Huff Post blogger Diane Weber Bederman rebuts blogger Yves Engler who refers to Israel as part of “western Imperialism”, hinting that the Jews are interlopers, and for his support of organizations that are anti-Zionist. Says Bederman: “These organizations talk about bringing peace to the conflicts in the Middle East. No, wait, I must amend that. […]

Muslims Against Hamas

Frontpage Magazine interviews Hisham, the Gazan founder of “Muslims Against Hamas”, an organization dedicated to creating awareness and “denouncing the crimes of the Hamas regime”. Asked about the goal of this group, Hisham stated: “  Since I live out of the reality of Gaza, I began to perceive a great misinformation and a lack of […]