UPDATED: Toronto Star Op-Ed Full of Bold Lies and Outright Deceit

UPDATE: June 15, 2017: In response to HonestReporting Canada’s complaint, the Toronto Star issued the following “clarification” which acknowledged that there’s no proof that former Israeli prime minister David Ben-Gurion ever said that his solution for the situation with the Palestinians was that the “old would die and the young ones (would) forget.” This unverified […]

Anti-Semitic Cartoons Published in Egyptian-Canadian Newspaper

On March 24, Al-Ahram, an Egyptian-Canadian online newspaper published the following antisemitic cartoon: The heading of the cartoon reads: (translation) “The true relation between the Muslim Brotherhood and the U.S.” The caption says: “Your eminence General Murshid (leader of the Muslim Brotherhood) of the global movement of the Muslim Brotherhood.” The cartoon depicts Jewish control of […]

Hamilton Spectator Editor: Israel has the Freest Media in the Middle East

Noting the dearth of news coming out of Egypt, a result of the shutting down of media by the Egyptian army, The Hamilton Spectator’s Editor-in-Chief notes that Israel is the freest media in the Middle East. Indeed, as Paul Berton remarks: “Whatever criticisms you may (or may not) have of Israel, it is one of […]

Canada Condemns Morsi’s Likening of Jews to 'Apes and Pigs'; Some Media Follow Suit

  Appearing yesterday on the CBC news program “Power and Politics” anchored by Evan Solomon, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird condemned Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi’s 2010 comments likening Jews to “apes and pigs”. See video and transcript below: Evan Solomon: A disturbing video emerged on Monday of the Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi, from 2010, […]