Canadian Pundit’s Spurious Allegations About a Potential Israeli War with Hezbollah

Recently, Canadian pundits on, the Globe and Mail and in the Hill Times, all engaged in sophistry when arguing that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu intends to wage a war with Lebanon and Hezbollah, all in an effort to distract the Israeli public’s attention away from domestic corruption investigations. These claims are all baseless and […]

"The New Anti-Semitism is Very Real" Says HRC in Hill Times

In response to a highly misleading and inaccurate op-ed by Murray Dobbin in the June 15 issue of the Hill Times, HRC  rebutted  Dobbin’s central allegation that “Israel’s silent allies are its worst enemies.” As we noted in our reply, the new anti-Semitism is very real. See our rebuttal below which was published in the June 22 […]

HRC Op-Ed in Hill Times: Buy, Support, and Develop Israel

In response to a May 25 Murray Dobbin op-ed in the Hill Times which called on Canadians to boycott, divest, and sanction Israel, HRC encouraged the opposite in a counter op-ed published today which encouraged Canadians to buy, support and develop Israel:  Hill Times: Mike Fegelman: “Israel: Buy, Support, and Develop” (June 1, 2015) Under the […]

Hill Times Columnist Entitled to his Opinion, Not Allowed to Make up his Own Facts

In the February 27 edition of the Hill Times, HonestReporting Canada responded to anti-Israel commentator and Times contributor, Murray Dobbin’s bold lies which were furnished to tarnish the reputation of Israel and its supporters. Our published commentary noted that Dobbin is entitled to his opinions, but can’t invent his own facts: The Hill Times also […]