Michael Coren Draws Moral Equivalence Between Israel Supporters and BDS Advocates

On September 6, Canadian author, commentator, and broadcaster Michael Coren wrote the following absurd tweet to his 12,500 followers which prompted HonestReporting Canada’s response, also below: @michaelcoren: Drawing a moral equivalence b/w #Israel supporters confronting #BDS and BDSers committed to #Israel‘s destruction is absurd. — Honest Reporting Can (@HonestRepCanada) September 8, 2016   Coren’s tweet also […]

Toronto Star Demonizes Israel with False Moral Equivalence

In what can only be described as a false moral equivalence that served to demonize Israel, on Sunday June 26, the Toronto Star published a lengthy Washington Post article entitled “One murder, two families fractured”.  The article, by reporters William Booth and Ruth Eglash, described the brutal terror attack where Israeli mother of  six children, […]

CBC Reporter Claims Israel Put “Children at Risk for Military Aims”

On August 25, CBC Mideast bureau chief Sasa Petricic issued the following tweet which claimed that in the recent Gaza conflict, Israel  put “children at risk for military aims”.   With close to 10,000 followers on Twitter, Petricic’s tweet drew a moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas, the latter who readily admitted to giving Palestinian […]