More Cdn. Media Coverage of Morsi's Anti-Semitic Statements

In our alert we released yesterday, we noted that Canada’s media, with the exception of a few, had ignored Mohamed Mursi’s anti-Semitic comments altogether allowing for a soft bigotry of low expectations to persist. We asked our members to contact their local media outlets to call for this important story to be covered and we […]

Canada Condemns Morsi’s Likening of Jews to 'Apes and Pigs'; Some Media Follow Suit

  Appearing yesterday on the CBC news program “Power and Politics” anchored by Evan Solomon, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird condemned Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi’s 2010 comments likening Jews to “apes and pigs”. See video and transcript below: Evan Solomon: A disturbing video emerged on Monday of the Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi, from 2010, […]