Globe Reporter Mark Mackinnon Publishes Partisan and Inaccurate Tweets

Nowadays, every news organization worth its weight has a clearly stipulated editorial policy which explains how its journalists can use social media platforms to complement its traditional journalism. For example, the Globe and Mail’s social media policy is as follows: Recently, HonestReporting Canada communicated our concerns to senior editors at the Globe and Mail pointing […]

Toronto Star’s Calling Israeli MK’s “Hardliners” Constitutes Media Bias Against Israel

Question: When was the last time The Toronto Star described Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as a “hardliner”? Answer: Never, despite him being a Holocaust denier who incites, glorifies, & rewards terrorists and who refuses to negotiate peace with Israel. Instead, Abbas is often labelled a “moderate” and yet the term “hardliner” (meaning: uncompromising) was unfairly branded […]

Globe and Mail Wrong to Claim that Hamas Moderated its Stand on Israel

In an apparent effort to make its image more appealing to a western audience, Hamas has sought to present itself as pragmatists through a new manifesto it debuted this week at a news conference held in Qatar. Make no mistake, despite Hamas’ PR spin campaign, it’s still a ruthless terrorist organization that’s bent on Israel’s […]

HRC Refutes Globe & Mail Assertions: Hamas are Terrorists not Moderates

In a prominent front-page article appearing in yesterday’s edition of the Globe and Mail, Mideast Bureau Chief Patrick Martin wrongly claimed that Hamas is “willing to live in peace beside Israel.” In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth. Hamas and its leader Khaled Meshaal have not evolved into “moderates”. Just two months ago […]