CBC Portrays Israel As Aggressor in Recent Hostilities with Hezbollah

On August 29, CBC Radio aired a report by Beirut-based freelance reporter Rebecca Collard that portrayed Israel as the aggressor in recent hostilities with Hezbollah and which failed to mention any of Israel’s security concerns about the grievous threat that Iranian-sponsored terror group poses. To listen to the CBC Radio report please click here or on […]

The Daily Brief – Today’s News And Views About Israel & The Mideast – March 17

Syria fired missiles at Israeli warplanes early Friday after a series of Israeli airstrikes inside Syria — a rare military exchange between the two hostile neighbours that was confirmed by both sides. The Toronto Star has AP coverage, as does CBC News.ca. The Globe and Mail has Reuters coverage of “Rocket sirens sounded in Jordan valley, explosion […]

CBC Makes Unsubstantiated Claim that Israel Destroyed a Hamilton Man's Home in Gaza

On September 8, CBC News.ca published the following article to its website: The report’s headline claimed  that a “Hamilton man’s home in Gaza remains destroyed after war with Israel,” while the report itself stated outright that “The Abu Dagga family’s home was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike last month, during the 50-day war that saw the […]