After HRC Exposed CBC’s Referring To Islamic Jihad As An “Outfit”, Corrective Action Saw Coverage Describe “Palestinian Militant’s Rocket” Behind Gaza Hospital Bombing

On October 19, CBC News published a news article discussing Prime Minister Trudeau’s response to the evidence shown to Canadian officials of the bombing at the vicinity of the hospital in Gaza that killed and injured scores of Palestinians. The article entitled: “Trudeau not ready to accept U.S. finding that Palestinian outfit was behind Gaza […]

Radio-Canada ne parvient pas à identifier les Palestiniens morts comme des terroristes / Radio-Canada Fails To Identify Dead Palestinians As Terrorists

English to Follow Le 10 août dernier, HonestReporting Canada a déposé une plainte auprès de Radio-Canada après que notre radiodiffuseur public de langue française ait produit un reportage qui ne mentionnait pas dans son titre que les décès récents de Palestiniens étaient des terroristes, ce qui en faisait des combattants légitimes et non des civils. […]

HRC Prompts Toronto Star Clarification Acknowledging Deaths of Islamic Jihad Terrorists

On November 14, the Toronto Star published an Associated Press wire report in its print edition about the recent hostilities between the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad terror group and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). HonestReporting Canada analysts took note that the lead paragraph of the Star’s article stated only the following: Israeli aircraft struck Islamic Jihad […]

CBC News Refers to Black September Terrorists as Palestinian “Militants”

Shame on CBC for today labelling terrorists from the Black September group who murdered 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics as mere “militants”. Our public broadcaster should call terror by its rightful name and should not sanitize Palestinian terror. Interestingly, CBC is being inconsistent in their lexicon. See the following 2012 report which […]