In Globe and Mail, HRC Says Anti-Zionism = Antisemitism

On June 15, the Globe and Mail published a letter to the editor from Lauren Weinberg, a representative of the anti-Israel group “Independent Jewish Voices,” a radical organization viewed as a pariah by the entire mainstream Jewish community for its repeated support for antisemites, terrorists and for its tokenization of Jewish identity to silence the views of the community as a whole. […]

HRC Op-Ed In Hamilton Spectator Rebuts Columnist’s Claiming Israel Has No Right To Defend Itself Against Hamas

In her May 21 opinion column in The Hamilton Spectator, Margaret Shkimba, a “communications consultant” and contributing columnist, wrote that neither Hamas nor Israel have a right to kill. At first glance, it’s a lovely thought. But upon further inspection, her inability to distinguish between genocidal Islamic terrorism and legitimate self-defence demonstrates both a profound […]

On CHML Radio, HRC Calls On Hamas To Surrender, Disarm And Return Israeli Hostages

On Friday January 12, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman was interviewed by 900 CHML radio’s Scott Thompson, host of the Hamilton Today program, about how the war could be over tomorrow if Hamas laid down its arms, but that decision rests with Hamas, not Israel. If Hamas will not co-operate, Gaza’s population should tell the […]

HRC Op-Ed Published In National Post: “It’s Up To Gazans To Stop The Fighting”

In an op-ed published in the National Post on January 9, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman argued that the Israel-Hamas war can be over tomorrow, but it’s up to Hamas and/or Gaza’s population, not Israel, to end the hostilities. As articulated in our commentary, since the current Hamas-Israel war began almost three months ago, many […]

HRC Op-Ed Published In Winnipeg Free Press: “Fanning The Flames Of Antisemitism”

On November 22, the Winnipeg Free Press published an op-ed by Alison Moule, a self-described “anti-Zionist Jewish organizer,” who blamed Israel for a rise in antisemitism, saying that it “empowers antisemitic and Islamophobic violence elsewhere.” Not content to blame Israel’s counter-terrorism operations for a rise in Jew-hatred, Moule then appeared to blame Jews collectively for […]