Hey, La Presse, Let’s Have That Conversation About Apartheid

In the Montreal daily La Presse, Israel critic Agnes Gruda attempts unsuccessfully to compare Israel to an apartheid state. Following La Presse’s refusal to allow us to set the record straight, HRC took to the pages of Huff Post to correct Ms. Gruda’s incorrect assertions about “separate roads, “voting rights, and the definition of apartheid. French […]

In Yukon News, HRC Proclaims that "International Law is on Israel's Side"

In a commentary published in the Yukon News on February 14, HRC Regional Director Michelle Whiteman points out that when it comes to the Middle East conflict, international law is on Israel’s side. Read the full commentary immediately below: Yukon News: Michelle Whiteman, “International Law is on Israel’s Side” (Feb. 14, 2014) Al Pope is […]

HRC in Huffington Post: "Harper's Visit to Israel: When Journalistic Objectivity Need Not Apply"

Is La Presse columnist Agnes Gruda, like some in the mainstream media, guilty of the bias they project onto Prime Minister Harper? HRC thinks so. Read our commentary appended below or at Huffington Post Canada. Why did Harper’s speech in the Israeli Knesset cause a Montreal journalist to contemptuously indict Stephen Harper with a “binary” and “black and white” vision? After […]

In a La Presse Commentary, HRC Sets the Record Straight on the Begin-Prawer Plan

French version follows English: A narrative of “confiscation” and “forced exile” characterized a November 30 article in La Presse on the cancellation of Israel’s Bedouin settlement  proposal. Unfortunately, while it excelled in rhetoric, this article failed to adequately convey the objectives of the Begin Prawer plan. HRC contacted La Presse with a request to set […]