Hamilton Spectator Pundit Pens Myopic Profile Of UN Rapporteur Michael Lynk

In the Hamilton Spectator on January 26, Jeff Mahoney authored a profile of Michael Lynk, the so-called “United Nations special rapporteur ‘on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel since 1967,’” that was marred for his failure to note that instead of being neutral and judicious, Lynk engages in anti-Israel […]

Globe Gives Anti-Israel Detractor a Platform to Attack Israel

As UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in “Palestine”, Michael Lynk (pictured right) is duty bound to be an objective, impartial and neutral arbiter of the Israeli-Palestinian impasse. Yet, due to his being an ardent anti-Israel detractor and Palestinian apologist, he fails to meet the basic criteria for this role. Accordingly, former Canadian Foreign Affairs […]

IPolitics Commentator Michael Harris Whitewashes UN Rapporteur Michael Lynk

Writing in IPolitics on November 6, commentator Michael Harris wrote a screed about Governor General David Johnston’s recent trip to Israel, the west bank and Jordan. In Harris’ words, “Canada’s ‘Grandpa Book’ helps us regain our reputation as an honest broker in the Middle East”.  In his commentary, Harris lauded Michael Lynk (the newly-appointed UN […]