Michael Coren Again Claims that Jesus was Palestinian

On April 23, 2019, we took Canadian commentator Michael Coren to task for erroneously claiming in the Globe and Mail that Jesus was Palestinian. In truth, Jesus was a Jew from Judea. True to form, Michael Coren again repeated this falsehood via Twitter on May 27: HRC has taken him to task for his continued […]

Columnist Michael Coren Enjoys the Company of BDS Supporters

Sunlight is said to be the best disinfectant. With that in mind, on September 27, Canadian columnist Michael Coren took to Twitter to state the following: In response, HonestReporting Canada wrote the following to Mr. Coren: Not surprisingly, Mr. Coren has not responded to our calling out his attending and participating in an event hosted […]

Michael Coren Claims Jeremy Corbyn & Labour Party Aren’t Antisemitic

In his July 28 commentary in the Globe and Mail, commentator Michael Coren (pictured right) claimed that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn “isn’t antisemitic, and neither is his party.” Coren argued that “Genuine antisemitism… is extraordinarily rare” in Britain. Untold by Coren is that antisemitic incidents reached a record level in the UK, with the […]

Oh Lorde! Kiwi Singer Aligned with Anti-Semitic BDS Movement

In a January 2 commentary published on IPolitics, Michael Coren criticized those who labelled New Zealand singer/songwriter Lorde, as being a “bigot” and an “anti-Semite” for her kowtowing to BDS activists by cancelling her proposed June concert in Tel Aviv. Coren wrote that Lorde is “now being condemned by some as a bigot and an […]

Canadian Pundit’s Spurious Allegations About a Potential Israeli War with Hezbollah

Recently, Canadian pundits on CBC.ca, the Globe and Mail and in the Hill Times, all engaged in sophistry when arguing that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu intends to wage a war with Lebanon and Hezbollah, all in an effort to distract the Israeli public’s attention away from domestic corruption investigations. These claims are all baseless and […]