Globe Contributor Michael Bell Says Israeli Settlements are a "Cancerous Obstacle"

Not one to mince his words, in an interview with the United Church Observer in its February 2017 edition, Michael Bell, a contributor to the Globe and Mail, resorted to hyperbole and inflammatory rhetoric by saying that Israeli settlements “with over half a million nationalist Israelis in them — are a growing and cancerous obstacle.” […]

HRC Prompts Globe and Mail Correction: Israel Isn't Building 1,000 New Settlements

On September 23, the Globe and Mail published (in print and online) an oped by Michael Bell who erroneously claimed the following: “The Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas is powerless. Some 1,000 new Israeli settlements are slated for the West Bank and the security barrier is to be expanded. There is nothing the PA, Fatah, […]

Globe Contributor Michael Bell Whitewashes Mass-Murdering Former Syrian President

A “flawed” regime? That’s how Globe and Mail contributor Michael Bell referred to the rein of Hafez al-Assad, former Syrian President and despot, mass murderer and father of Bashar “the butcher” Assad (also a serial killer who in recent years has killed over 200,000 Syrians). Bell, who teaches at Carleton University and advised Justin Trudeau […]

Special Report: Globe and Mail Bias Against Israel Continues Unabated

What our media report today, often times becomes foreign policy tomorrow. In Canada, the Globe and Mail, our country’s “paper of record” prides itself as being a broadsheet of influence whose reporting and commentary platforms are observed by our nation’s thought leaders and policy makers. Though duty bound at being impartial, fair, accurate and balanced, […]

Michael Bell Fans the Flames of Hatred

In the backdrop of one of the worst terror attacks in Israel in recent years that saw four Israeli Rabbis brutally murdered in cold blood while praying at their synagogue, an act incited by Palestinian leaders and carried out by Palestinian terrorists, Michael Bell irresponsibly fanned the flames of hatred by raising the spectre of a […]

Exposing Michael Bell’s Falsehoods in the Globe and Mail

In an op-ed published in the Globe and Mail on April 6, Michael Bell (pictured right), Canada’s former ambassador to Jordan, Egypt and Israel, pit all the blame on Israel for the current impasse in negotiations while ignoring every single Palestinian transgression. Israel, which negotiated in good faith vs. the Palestinians, who in violation of […]