Montreal Gazette Gives Uncritical Platform For Pro-Palestinian Encampment Activists To Peddle Nonsensical Accusations Against Israel

In a May 3 article published in The Montreal Gazette entitled, “As mood mellows at McGill encampment, protesters dig in for the weekend,” reporter Michelle Lalonde provided a sympathetic forum to provide free publicity for the pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel McGill University protest. Alia Altaweel, a spokesperson for camp organizers, was quoted by Lalonde as saying that […]

McGill University Expresses Deep Concern About McGill Tribune’s Sowing Division By Rejecting To Publish A Column Submitted By A Jewish And Pro-Zionist Student

Earlier this month, Claire Frankel, a Jewish student at McGill University and a Campus Media Fellow with HonestReporting Canada, submitted an opinion column to The McGill Tribune newspaper entitled: “Queer McGill is not a safe space for Jews,” about her personal experiences facing antisemitism. However, it was rejected by the newspaper’s editorial team, who in […]

McGill Tribune Publishes Retraction of Anti-Israel Group’s Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory

On November 11, HonestReporting Canada issued an alert about how the McGill Tribune had given a platform to an anti-Israel group on campus to spew the baseless antisemitic theory that “Zionist donors” control McGill University. The Tribune’s November 8 article covered a supposed controversy that had erupted since late October, when the McGill Institute for […]

Growing Antisemitism at McGill Strikes at the Core of Jewish Identity

This Op-ed was published in The Suburban Newspaper on Wednesday, April 20, 2022 Growing antisemitism at McGill University culminated recently in the Student Society of McGill University (SSMU) passing a referendum item entitled the “Palestine Solidarity Policy.” This policy was celebrated by the McGill Daily, which in recent years has committed to an “explicitly pro-Palestine […]