CBC The Current Features Speaker Peddling Anti-Israel Misinformation

On the January 31’s edition of CBC’s The Current, host Matt Galloway discussed a new Israeli documentary film about the history of a small Arab village in pre-state Israel called Tantura, which was the site of an alleged illegal massacre of Arabs (referred to by the CBC as Palestinians) at the hands of a group […]

CBC The Current’s Bias Against Israel On Full Display

The last few weeks have seen a dramatic upsurge in violence between Hamas and Israel. And CBC News, like most mainstream Canadian broadcasters and news outlets, covered the news regularly, with frequent updates and reports. Unfortunately, while there were some elements of fairness and balance, those were outweighed by a notable and disproportionate anti-Israel misinformation […]

The Daily Brief – Today’s News And Views About Israel & The Mideast – April 6

At the National Post, commentator Terry Glavin’s analysis of the Syrian gas attack is as follows: “Syria’s children die choking. The West tut-tuts, briefly, and moves on. This is now normal.” Also at the Post, check out Gary Clement’s cartoon on the Syrian gas attack: Interesting tid bit from Globe and Mail reporter Tu Thanh […]