CJFE in Disarray: Organization Removes Egregious Anti-Israel Statement Following Uproar

As reported by the Toronto Star (see here and here), the Globe and Mail, Canadian Jewish News (see here, here, and here) and the Canadian Press, following the uproar that ensued after Canadians Journalists for Freedom of Expression (CJFE) issued an alert on April 2 accusing Israel of committing “massacres” of protesters and media in recent riots/protests […]

Globe Contributor Michael Bell Whitewashes Mass-Murdering Former Syrian President

A “flawed” regime? That’s how Globe and Mail contributor Michael Bell referred to the rein of Hafez al-Assad, former Syrian President and despot, mass murderer and father of Bashar “the butcher” Assad (also a serial killer who in recent years has killed over 200,000 Syrians). Bell, who teaches at Carleton University and advised Justin Trudeau […]

HRC Prompts Removal of Hate Comments at CTVNews.ca

Following a hate-filled rant in the comment section of a June 22 CTV.ca article, in which a commentator wrongly accused Israel of massacres, preying on innocents, and Jews of “almost always (being) the perpetrators” and enjoying “a kill ratio of near one hundred to one,” HRC contacted CTV requesting that the offenssive comment be removed. […]

BBC Admits it Failed on Coverage of Itamar Massacre

The BBC’s outgoing director-general admitted that the media outlet erred in its lack of coverage of last year’s Itamar massacre, which took the lives of five members of the Fogel family. In March 2011, Palestinians Hakim Awad and his cousin Amjad Awad entered the West Bank settlement of Itamar andbrutally stabbed to death five members […]